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I’m Sandy Diao, and I’ve served as a head of growth at multiple tech companies. I’ve scaled user bases from the first customer to millions of monthly active users. My expertise is in user acquisition and growth strategies for emerging technologies.

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What Is Growth Marketing? a Condensed Yet Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Growth marketing has become a buzzword in the world of marketing. It is a data-driven approach that focuses on growing a business by acquiring and retaining customers. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore what growth marketing is, its benefits, different growth strategies, measuring its impact, leveraging data and analytics, utilizing automation, creating a successful…

Text-to-creation: the universal form of creation in the past, present & future

What is text-to-creation? Text-to-creation refers to the category of technologies that takes text as an input, and produces multimedia that span text, audio, images, or video as an output. – Sandy Diao Text is the universal form of creation This statement may not be immediately obvious, but it is perhaps the most logical explanation for…

Lensa app review: Are Lensa AI avatars worth the cost in 2023?

What is the Lensa app? Lensa AI is a magic avatar generator app for iOS and Android that lets you create colorful, custom AI portraits of yourself. It takes less than 30 minutes to get a collection of 50+ avatars that are customized based on selfie images that you upload to the app. First, my…

How to use AI writing tools to your advantage

It’s easy to write-off AI generated content as a hack. The reality is that AI-powered writing tools have been on the market for years, and not using them will be a costly choice. This is a practical guide on understanding how AI tools are used today, and how to start integrating it into your writing.

The untold story of startup success: building a company starts as a sidegig

You might be surprised that many of the most well-known software companies were started as part-time projects by founders who had other jobs. In fact, the list of part-time founders reads like a who’s who of tech legends. From Adobe to Heroku, Google to Stripe, these companies began as side hustles.

The dark side of AI-powered marketing

AI-powered marketing has become an essential tool for businesses, enabling them to analyze user behavior and create personalized campaigns in real-time. However, this technology also poses ethical risks, such as spreading fake news, manipulating consumer behavior, and biased data.

What the future of performance marketing holds

I’ve been using an ML-based performance marketing channel over the last year, and these campaigns have broken performance ceilings month after month. Let’s explore what’s happening now and how we can prepare for the future.


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