Growth & Product Strategy

Marc Andreessen Blog Archive
Oldies but goodies… product, investing, career, stories. Write-ups that withstand the test of time. I reread “Good PM/Bad PM” at least once a year.

Elena Verna’s frameworks
Elena is a growth professional with an incredible breadth of exposure across SaaS. Her frameworks are excellent references that inspire new ways of thinking about and codifying your initiatives.

Lenny’s newsletter
One of the best product growth-focused newsletters, with quality long-form content pulling best practices from experienced operators. These insights mostly apply to growth or later stage teams.

Great broad essays on software growth strategies, teams, and tactics. Mostly applies to growth or later stage teams. Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter, since updates are infrequent.


After School Newsletter by Casey Lewis
A simple and effective inbound digest on GenZ. This newsletter helps you develop a lens of the next wave of consumer needs and also understand what’s relevant across digital social today.

I recommend subscribing to their daily newsletter, or setting this as your homepage. Features a clean UI with minimal distractions, and tons of branches out to dive deep into specific areas of interest. I read this in the mornings.


Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir
I’m normally not much of a sci-fi reader, but this story captivated me. I don’t have much of a math or science background either, but the process that the character goes to identifying hypotheses and proving them is as glorious as completing a trigonometric proof in school.